The Apostolic Faith (Portland, OR)

The Apostolic Faith (Portland, OR)

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Apostolic Faith Church (Portland, OR)
United States
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1908 - 1929 (69 issues)
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The Apostolic Faith Church (Portland, OR), founded in 1908 by Florence Crawford, emerged directly from the Apostolic Faith Mission located on Azusa Street in Los Angeles, California. A revival at the Apostolic Faith Mission in Los Angeles became a focal point of the emerging Pentecostal movement. The Azusa Street Revival, as it became known, began in the summer of 1906 and lasted for three years. News of the revival spread through the congregation's newspaper, The Apostolic Faith, which began publication in September 1906. Crawford, a leader in the Azusa Street Revival, moved in 1908 to Portland, Oregon, where she established her ministry headquarters. According to the Apostolic Faith Church (Portland, OR), Crawford was given the Azusa Street newspaper's mailing list with the blessing to continue its publishing ministry. The Apostolic Faith Church (Portland, OR) published The Apostolic Faith from 1908 until 1966, when the title was changed to The Light of Hope. The publication of gospel literature, including periodicals, tracts, books, and Sunday school curriculum, continues to be a primary focus of the Apostolic Faith Church (Portland, OR). The work expanded to include hundreds of churches across the world. The Apostolic Faith published theological articles, testimonies, and reports of church activity around the world. Most articles did not include the name of the author. The Apostolic Faith is an important resource for those interested in better understanding the themes, beliefs, people, and events that helped to shape the Azusa Street Revival, the Apostolic Faith Church (Portland, OR), and the broader Pentecostal movement.
Early issues of The Apostolic Faith (Portland, OR) continued the enumeration of The Apostolic Faith (Azusa Street). The May/June 1909 issue, listed as number 7, begins a new enumeration that treats the first issue published in Portland (July/August 1908) as number 1. Most issues of The Apostolic Faith (Portland, OR) during its early decades were undated. The publishing house of the Apostolic Faith Mission (Portland, OR) assembled a printing history of the newspaper, which was used to determine the year of publication of each issue.